About Us

Our goals are to provide you with the finest and highest quality, great tasting, environmentally righteous products that actually work and produce results; and to lead the way in innovation in the functional beverage category as well.

In doing so, we have created Jinn energy drink (Natural energy with antioxidants and CoQ10) which will enliven your taste buds, awaken your spirit, and give you the healthy kind of energy surge you need.

Today, under the leadership of CEO Ray Sanducci, the company’s visionary research and passion for helping people live healthier and joyful lives is our driving force. It is a challenge we at the company all look forward to each and every day.

We define quality by evaluating the ingredients – their freshness, safety, sustainability, taste, purity, and nutritive value with substantial scientific corroboration. We operate with the strictest of quality standards to ensure that products are completely safe and that the contents of  every can accurately reflect the ingredients on the label.

Our corporate philosophy is to provide the highest level of service to our customers by selling the highest quality functional beverage we possibly can, and to continue creating new health care solutions that actually work !

Nutrition and the pursuit of optimal health are at the core of our Jinn brand.

All the Nutrition….. All the Healthy Energy……

None of the Crash.

Jinn Natural Energy             The Forces of Nature in a Can